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CEEP: Seminar on Employee Financial Participation in Public Services

Brussels, Monday 7 May 2012 11:00 – 17:00

This public seminar will present the outcome of a project on Financial Participation of Employees in Public Services. Employee Financial Participation refers to any scheme which enables employees to participate in profit and enterprises’ results. This could be by profit sharing (by cash, shares or deferred payment), gain sharing (payment of additional amounts to employees based on the performance) or employee share-ownership (employee is owner as individual or in group).

This seminar will be useful to present a study on EFP in public services. On a second step, this seminar will tackle the question of advantages / disadvantages of EFP in the current economic and financial situation. What are the main advantages of EFP for public services? Is it a solution for enterprises in the current economic and financial situation?

This seminar will bring together various experts, representatives of undertakings and policy-makers across Europe.

The number of seat being limited we would be pleased to reckon your participation at your earliest convenience.

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