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CEEP: Symposium on Acquis+

30th September 2013, Brüssel

Services of general economic interest need to be granted a solid foundation within a renewed concept of the Single Market, because they are a basic pillar for the success of this market. Against this background, CEEP has taken the initiative to describe the current Acquis Communautaire on services of general economic interest after the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty and to address the legal uncer-tainties that haven’t been clarified by the legislator so far. CEEP have called this work Acquis +.

Out of this analysis CEEP formulated several recommendations to reconnect the EU secondary law and EU policies impacting SGI with the Treaty. This Seminar will present the outcomes of CEEP work and be the occasion to exchange among high-level scientists and representatives from European and national levels about the proposed approach.

Symposium on Acquis+ presenting the outcomes of our work will take place in Brussels on Monday 30th September 2013 from 11:00 to 16:30.

Members, partners and representatives of the European institutions and the academic world will be invited to debate on the analysis provided in the Glossary and on the recommendations listed in the Manifesto.

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